Your relationship status is not 100% in your control. But there are things you DO control. And those things make a BIG difference.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Start with Yourself

    • The 3 Most Important Things You Can Do RN

    • Habit #1: Learning to Love YOURSELF

    • Habit #1: Tactics

    • Habit #1: Reflection

    • Habit #2: Growing solo - but NOT ALONE

    • Habit #2: Tactics

    • Habit #2: Reflection

    • Habit #3: Working Through Your Issues

    • Habit #3: Tactics

    • Habit #3: Reflection

    • Pro Tip: Find a Counselor or Mentor

  • 3

    Facing Your Hurdles

    • Why These Hurdles MATTER

    • Hurdle #1: UOP + RBF: How are you coming across?

    • Hurdle #2: Conversation Skills: Are you talking your way OUT of a date?

    • Hurdle #3: Being Noticed: Are you always overlooked?

    • Hurdle #4: Smelling Desperate: Are you coming off too strong?

    • Hurdle #5: The Inventory: Where are all the single people??

    • Hurdle #6: The Checklist: Are your standards too high or just right?

    • Hurdle #7: The Pressure Cooker: Are you expecting too much too fast?

    • Hurdle #8: Bad Theology: Do you feel guilty for wanting a relationship?

    • Hurdle #9: Your Trauma: Is your past holding you back?

    • Hurdle #10: Your Fear: Is fear of rejection stealing your future?

    • Hurdles: Reflection

  • 4

    Getting a Date

    • Let's Break This Goal Into Realistic Steps...

    • Step #1: Putting Yourself Out There

    • Pro Tip: Places to Meet Guys (that aren't in a bar)

    • Pro Tip: Play to Your Strengths

    • Step #2A: Identifying a Connection (aka, signs that you like each other)

    • Step #2B: Flirting for Christians

    • Step #2C: How to Ask Someone Out

    • Pro Tip: Why Not Say Yes?

    • Pro Tip: Should Attraction Matter??

    • Step #3: Meeting up for the First Time

    • Pro Tip: The Safe Date Rules

    • Pro Tip: Conversation Starters that WORK

    • Step #4A: Deciding What's Next

    • Step 4B: Assessing Their Values + Faith

    • Pro Tip: Our 2-Date Rule of Thumb

    • Pro Tip: How to Let Someone Down Gracefully

    • Dating: Reflection

  • 5

    What comes next?

    • Conclusion

    • Pro Tip: How to Build a Healthy Relationship

    • Pro Tip: The 4 Stages of Dating

    • Pro Tip: Set a Check-In Point

    • Pro Tip: The Resources You'll Need LATER

    • Pro Tip: Find a Counselor or Mentor

    • Closing Reflection


  • Who (and what age) is this course designed for?

    This course is especially tailored for Christian single women between the ages of 18-30. That being said, people of any gender, faith, age, etc. can most certainly gain insights from this course as well!

  • Is this course self-paced or happening live?

    It is entirely self-paced, so you can go through it whenever you have time (even if that's while driving to work).

  • Is this a video course?

    The bulk of the material is shared in short videos, but there are also short written components.

Course Instructor:

Tiffany Dawn

YouTuber Tiffany Dawn lives in upstate New York with her husband James and their two daughters. She's written four books and spoken at events across the United States.  Her YouTube channel shares life advice you don't hear in church, and her favorite topics include sex, singleness and dating.