Is He Right for You?

A girl's guide to getting serious

"Is he right for me?" 
"Should we get more serious, or even get engaged?"
"Is our relationship healthy?"
"Should I break up with my boyfriend?"

If you're asking any of those questions, then this "ebook" is for you!

We'll look at 25 questions that are important to consider when you're getting serious with your boyfriend.

Each question comes with a journaling prompt, checklist and/or quiz, to help you figure out how your relationship is doing in that area. At the end of each question, you'll be able to note whether you'd give your relationship a "red light," "yellow light" or "green light" in that area.

Smack dab in the middle of all the questions is a short compatibility quiz, to lend even more insight!

At the end, we'll look back at your "stoplights" and figure out: Are there a lot of green lights? Red lights? And most importantly, do you think he's right for you?

What others have been saying about this course:

Marianna Siemens

Amazing help for being honest to yourself

In my opinion, the book is amazing! I would totally recommend it. It helps so much in being really honest to yourself about a relationship. I wish I had this in previous relationships because I think it would've made me realize some issues I did...

Anja Janki

Perfect book for making a wise choice

I loved this book! So practical, with quizzes and journalling time, encouraging to think deep and reflect, including the mind and the heart/gut - and a good length, you can read in small portions or all in one - and always continue where you stopp...

Tessa Folch

Is He Right for You was God-send for me

I highly recommend women read this book before deciding to become serious in a relationship. The book covers topics that each woman should carefully consider. This book became available literally right when I personally needed it. I believe Tiffan...

Traci M

A must-read for all the single ladies!!

I LOVE this book. Very well written. It is the book every girl is looking for with all the right questions to help guide that big decision - is he right for me?

Kelli B

Green Light for Reading Is He Right For You

Is He Right for You cuts through the fog of your emotions and provides the clarity needed to objectively see your relationship. The breath of Tiffany's questions enable you to critique the relationship from every angle. Is addiction a red light or...

Tiffany Dawn
Tiffany Dawn

About the instructor

Speaker, author and YouTuber Tiffany Dawn lives in upstate New York with her husband James and their 18-month-old daughter. She's written two books and spoken at events across the United States, helping girls navigate dating relationships and find a healthy self-image. 

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