The Wedding Night Talks

What to know about sex before the wedding night

That's what these videos are all about.

My husband James and I are BEYOND EXCITED to share this series of short talks with you. These videos cover EVERYTHING we would have wanted to know before our wedding night (about sex), and we hope they can help you as well!

Love, Tiffany Dawn


#5: The Beautiful Talk (aka, Having Sex with the Lights On)
#8: Can We Do ANYTHING We Want Now??
#10: Intimacy (aka, There's More to Sex Than Just...Sex)

What others have been saying about this course:

Amy Burbee

So helpful!

These talks were so practical and to the point, while at the same time encouraging and reassuring. This was the greatest resource I came across in preparing for my honeymoon, and I can't wait to share it with every girl I know who's waited for sex...

Melissa Kautoga

Life Changing!

We highly recommend Tiffany & James Wedding Night Talks, we have never come across a more genuine, real, authentic christian couple that speak so honestly and truthfully about the intimate parts of marriage that not enough people talk about. T...

Estera brown

So helpful!!!

I so appreciate this lovely couple. My sisters and I watched this together and it helped so much . I love the honestly and openess about the subject. I have never seen it talked about do openly. First videos I've ever watched that have actually he...

Marianna Siemens


This videos are just amazing and I can't tell enough how much they have helped me! Both James and Tiffany speak so open and honest about sex. I am a virgin and it's not the easiest topic for me to talk about and I've been nervous about a lot of ...

Aileen Smith


I grew up being bombarded with the world's view of sex and mostly seeing it as a dirty, sinful thing. Going through these videos has helped me to start thinking differently about sex and also to prepare for my wedding night which is only 81 days ...

Breanne McCrank

Great info presented in a safe and fun way!!

This series of talks has been a fantastic journey to take with my husband. It's a great source of information and resources that we can't wait to explore and read through. We both grew up in families that didn't talk about sex. The topics and situ...

Allison Enns

Very Helpful

Thank you for creating the wedding night series! I think it's the perfect thing for a girl like me who's getting married in a few months. I appreciate your honesty and positivity about sex and your tips are very practical. I'm going to be sure to ...

Esther Bollands

A must - see for ALL engaged couples!

The Wedding Night Talks are an AMAZING resource that I would recommend to all engaged couples. Tiffany and James share candidly on a number of topics that are designed to help you enjoy and prepare for your wedding night as fully as possible. ...

Tiffany Dawn
Tiffany Dawn

About the instructor

Speaker, author and YouTuber Tiffany Dawn lives in upstate New York with her husband James and their 18-month-old daughter. She's written two books and spoken at events across the United States, helping girls navigate dating relationships and find a healthy self-image. 

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